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Cashback Casino Bonus

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The cashback bonus is one of the most common types of casino bonuses on the market. Players are truly fond of it, which is why you can find it at many different online gambling sites. If you're just hearing about this kind of casino bonus and want to learn more, then you're at the right place.

Here, we will reveal what the cashback bonuses have to offer and explain how they actually work. You will also find our list of the best online casinos that offer cashback bonuses legal.

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Online Casinos with Cashback Bonus

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Table of Contents

    What is a Casino Cashback Bonus?

    A casino cashback bonus is a type of promotion that gives a portion of your losses back to you. The amount you get back is a percentage that varies from one online casino to the other. For instance, an operator might offer a 20% cashback bonus on the losses you suffered over the week. However, the best cashback bonuses are usually much more generous. Also, not all cashback deals apply to your weekly losses. Some online casino sites may offer daily or monthly cashback. Whichever type of bonus a casino offers, it will only be available to existing customers.

    Depending on the cashback bonus terms and conditions, you may receive the bonus funds as free credits or as free cash. In the case of bonus money, you will need to wager the whole amount before you can request a withdrawal. Some casinos might even include higher wagering requirements. If the offer comes as a wager-free cashback, then you can instantly withdraw your cash from your casino balance. But you can also choose not to cash out the funds and use them on your favourite casino games.

    Keep in mind that some other bonus terms and conditions might apply to the casino cashback offers. Some casinos might apply a minimum deposit to these promos while others will include a minimum bet that counts towards the actual cashback bonus. Knowing that you'll get a portion of your net losses back is a good incentive. To see how generous the cashback casinos really are, you must consider the alternative casinos that don't give any of your losses back.

    Now, there are three types of cashback bonuses that you should know about. Below, we will reveal and describe every single one of these casino cashback bonuses.

    Casino Cashback on Losses

    The first type of cashback casino bonus is the one that applies to your net losses. This is the most common one that you can find at almost any top online casino. It comes as a cashback percentage that applies to the losses you suffered over a certain period of time. For example, let's say a casino offers a 20% weekly cashback. If you spend €100 over the course of a week, then the operator will return €20. However, be aware that the casinos always restrict the casino games that count towards this type of bonus. So, it might only apply to the net slot losses or the money you lose on the live dealer games.

    We must also mention that cashback bonuses almost always come with a minimum bet limit. This means that the bets that are below this limit won't count towards the cashback bonus. Additionally, you might need to meet certain wagering requirements before you can cash out. However, there are some other casino bonus offers that don't come with such conditions. We must also mention that some casinos offer cashback as their welcome bonus.

    Casino Cashback on Deposits

    This type of online casino cashback bonus applies to the initial deposits you make at a certain period of time. Your net losses here are irrelevant, as this offer only applies to the amount you deposit. Don't get confused with the deposit bonuses, as this is still a cashback bonus.

    The operator applies a cashback percentage to your initial deposit, similar to a deposit bonus. But you will get the bonus funds at the end of the cashback period once you use it on playing specific games. Keep in mind that you must use up all the money you deposit in order to get at least the minimum cashback amount. For instance, a casino might offer a 15% cashback on your deposit. So, if you deposit €100, then you'll get €15 as bonus funds. However, remember that there is always a minimum deposit as well as certain game restrictions.

    Also, be aware of wagering requirements, as they can be part of the cashback casino bonus. They are much smaller than the other casino bonuses, but you still must meet them in order to request a withdrawal.

    Bonus Cashback for VIP Players

    Last but not least, we have the cashback bonuses for VIP players. Many consider these the best cashback casino bonuses on the market, as they are far more generous than the others. The reason behind their generosity is the operators' efforts to make their most loyal players happy and satisfied. These types of players are usually the ones that spend the most money at the online casino.

    VIP cashback can come in two forms. The first one is the one that comes as a regular cashback bonus but with a much higher minimum deposit or minimum net loss. These are cashback bonuses that target high rollers and they tend to have much higher maximum cashback limits. As such, only specific types of players can get their hands on a cashback such as this. The other VIP cashback is the one that online casinos provide through their VIP programs. In the loyalty scheme, every VIP level comes with a certain cashback, where the percentage is larger on every higher level.

    So, once you reach a higher VIP status, the operator will start giving you a more generous cashback bonus. We must also mention that you can claim the VIP cashback multiple times. Casinos tend to offer them on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Rakeback vs Cashback

    There is a rakeback bonus at the online casinos that is very similar to the cashback offers. Every operator charges a small fee for each hand you play on certain games, such as poker. Now, a rakeback gives back a percentage of the featured rake you generate from the bets you place.

    There are many differences between the rakeback and cashback bonuses. As such, many players don't know which of these casino bonuses is better. In the table below, we will compare them so you can get a clear idea of which of them is more generous.

    Check icon

    Gets back a portion of the fees you pay for playing a game

    Cancel icon

    Rakeback bonuses usually come with complicated terms and conditions

    Check icon

    You get a rakeback regardless of whether you lose or win a gaming session

    Cancel icon

    Hard to find an online casino that offers rakeback bonuses


    Check icon

    Applies a percentage on your net losses

    Check icon

    Cashback bonuses are typically straightforward and easy to understand

    Cancel icon

    You must lose money in order to get a cashback

    Check icon

    Many online casinos offer cashback bonuses

    How Do We List Casinos with the Best Cashback Offers?

    Before we decide which cashback casinos to list on our site, we make sure to examine countless operators. That way we can avoid the casinos that aren't worth mentioning and present you the top online casinos. Below, we will describe the procedure of finding and listing these online gambling sites.


    Look for Licenced Casinos

    We begin by looking for licenced casinos, as they are safe and legitimate gaming platforms. Here, we check if a respected regulator issues the gaming licences to these casinos. We also make sure to discover whether the operator utilises the latest 128-bit SSL encryption software.


    Check If the Casino Offers Cashback Bonuses

    Then, we continue by accessing the casino's promotions section. This is where we examine whether the operator offers casino cashback bonuses. If it has more than one such offer, then it will get extra points. Additionally, we check if the casino has a VIP program that includes cashback bonuses.


    Read the Bonus Terms and Conditions

    After that, our team of casino experts analyses the terms and conditions of every cashback bonus. Here, we examine the percentage, minimum deposit, timeframe, eligible casino games, etc. We also make sure not to forget about the wagering requirements if the bonus features such conditions.


    Examine the Other Important Casino Features

    Lastly, we go on and make a thorough review of the other important casino details. For this purpose, we check if the game library is large and whether there are many other casino bonuses. We also look for a big list of payment methods and thoughtful customer service that works 24/7.

    Tips Before Claiming Cashback

    Beginners might not know how to approach a cashback bonus, as everything seems new to them. If you're just starting out with these types of casino bonuses, then we are happy to help you get real money with cashback. All you need to do is follow these very useful tips:

    • Register an account at an online casino that offers a large maximum amount limit.
    • Make sure to read the terms and conditions before you apply for the cashback bonus.
    • Check eligible games before you start spending real cash.
    • Discover if there is a minimum deposit or a minimum bet limit.
    • Always meet the wagering requirements if they are part of the cashback offer.
    • Check if the cashback offers are only available to VIP players.
    • You can instantly withdraw your cashback bonus amount if there are no wagering requirements.

    Online Casinos with Best Cashback Offers

    Many casinos offer cashback bonuses, as it makes most players happy. It softens their losses and makes them try again with bonus funds or wager-free cashback. However, we should point out that not every online casino on the market has the best cashback bonus offers. But there are numerous online gambling sites that feature highly generous cashback bonuses. Because of that, we decided to reveal to you the top casinos that have the best casino cashback offers. You are free to choose from the featured operators mentioned in the table below.

    Online Casino Cashback Offer

    Hugo Casino

    20% Weekly Cashback


    15% Casino Weekly Cashback; 25% Live Weekly Cashback


    10% - 15% Weekly Cashback


    10% Cashback on Crypto Deposits


    15% Casino Weekly Cashback; 25% Live Weekly Cashback

    Best Cashback Casinos by Category

    Every online cashback casino that we mentioned earlier is best at one or multiple features. This means that they specialise in different things, which makes them attractive to certain types of players. As such, we can easily categorise them according to a specific category that they fit in naturally. In the table below, we will reveal the best casinos with cashback bonuses based on categories.

    Online Casino Category


    Best Live Cashback Casino


    Best Mobile Cashback Casino

    Hugo Casino

    Cashback Casino With the Best Welcome Bonus


    Best Crypto Cashback Casino


    Cashback Casino With the Best VIP Program


    Cashback bonuses are one of the most popular casino bonuses that every reputable operator makes sure to include in its list of promotions. Players appreciate them very much, as they tend to soften their losses, regardless if it's on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

    The top casinos are the ones that offer the most generous cashback bonuses. These promotions come with a higher limit on the maximum amount you can receive. Players are also fond of the cashback credited without any wagering requirements.

    Keep in mind that you must generate a certain amount of net losses in order to claim the bonus money. But don't forget that you won't be able to return the entire amount you lost. So, remember to gamble responsibly and don't put your entire focus on the cashback bonus amount. The cashback is there just in case you don't win real money.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Monthly Cashback Bonus?

    A monthly cashback bonus is a type of cashback offer that returns a percentage of your monthly losses back to you. Casinos tend to offer monthly cashback bonuses less frequently compared to daily and weekly cashback bonuses. But you can still find such promos, especially as part of a casino VIP program.

    Do Cashback Bonuses Come with Wagering Requirements?

    Some casinos are including wagering requirements in the terms and conditions of their cashback bonuses. However, these requirements are usually much smaller compared to the other casino bonuses. Also, you can easily find cashback offers that come without any wagering requirements.

    What Types of Casino Games are Eligible for Cashback Bonuses?

    Every cashback bonus comes with certain game restrictions. Some casinos may even put a cashback only on a specific game. However, operators usually make almost all types of games eligible for the cashback bonus. Among them are online slots, table games, and live casino games. You may even come across a cashback offer just for live casino titles.

    Is There a Minimum Deposit on the Cashback Bonuses?

    Casinos may require a minimum deposit in order for you to redeem the bonus. This is usually the case with cashback offers that apply to your lost deposit. If the cashback bonus applies to your net losses, then the promotion will come with a minimum bet condition.

    How Can I Claim a Cashback Bonus?

    In order to get your hands on a cashback bonus, you must make sure that your online casino offers such a bonus. Then, read the terms and conditions to discover the minimum deposit or minimum bet limits and the available games. After that, make a deposit and start playing the eligible games. If you end up losing money over a certain period of time, then the operator will provide your cashback bonus.

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