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Boxing Betting Sites

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Before you find the best boxing betting sites, you have a variety of factors to consider. Betting on boxing is a huge draw among bettors since it's quite different from the most popular team sports. Some don't want to bet on boxing since it's an intense sport, but there's no question that it's fun, especially when you find competitive odds. If you are one of the boxing bettors should pay attention to a variety of important criteria before they choose the best boxing betting sites. If you don't know where to start, read our boxing betting guide to find the best sites.

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List of Boxing Online Bookmakers

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Table of Contents

    Betting Markets for Boxing Matches

    While the number of boxing betting markets is nowhere close to football betting markets, there are still plenty of things to bet on in a boxing match. Of course, the most popular one is to choose the winner of the bout. Boxers generate a lot of interest with their walk-ins and spectacular showmanship, so bettors are likely to choose a winner of a fight before taking a look at other markets.

    With that being said, there are various markets you should take a look when betting on boxing fights. You'll find most at every betting site that pays attention to boxing. Here are the most popular boxing sports betting markets at the top-rated sites on our page.

    Boxing Match Winner

    Sports bettors mostly pick the winner of a bout. This one's the simplest market. Fund your account and place your bet credits stake on one boxer or another. For example, you can choose a successful Australian fighter to triumph over their seasoned British counterpart in a hypothetical matchup that enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated.

    Method of Victory

    This is one of the main prop bets that don't take the outcome of a fight into consideration. This particular market is concerned with the method of victory, which can be a knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), disqualification, or decision/technical decisions. Some online boxing betting sites might offer a draw too. If you can't see yourself choosing the winner in a close fight, this market is the second best option.

    To Go The Distance

    Will the boxing match go the distance? This is one of the unique boxing bets and a popular prop where you predict whether the action goes all 12 rounds. When this happens, the judges score each round before deciding on the winner.

    Round Betting

    Round betting refers to choosing the exact round in which the fight ends. The betting odds for such boxing markets tend to be much higher than, say, picking the winner.  Let’s assume you choose a fighter in an upcoming fight to win in round 5. To win such a bet, two outcomes must align—the selected boxer winning the match and it ending in the specified round.

    Group Round Betting

    Sometimes, it's much easier to choose a boxer to win the fight in a range of rounds. For example, if you think Anthony Joshua wins in rounds 3-5, you can use the round group betting to place such a bet. The boxing betting odds for this market are a bit lower than choosing the exact round when the fight ends.


    Over/under bets are very popular in boxing fights. With this bet, you're putting your money over or under the line of final number of rounds you think will take place.

    Boxing Betting Specials

    The best boxing betting site will cover all the aforementioned markets and offer some specials too. It might be a free bet for a specific match, or a special online betting market that's available on a particular fight only. These specials usually require a qualifying bet and can even be considered or listed as promotions at the majority of the best online betting sites.

    Comparison of Boxing Odds at Betting Sites

    When you start betting at the top boxing betting sites, it's best to compare the odds first. While most bookies may look alike to the untrained eye, their features and boxing odds greatly differ. You won't find identical odds for the same boxing events at two or more bookies. Each one has a different margin, so some may offer better returns on a real money bet.

    Shopping for odds at the best betting sites is a must, especially for new bettors. When you're betting on sports online, you want the best possible returns. This is only possible if you find the best odds, which isn't always easy. That's why we, as boxing betting experts, encourage all our readers to check the odds at all the boxing betting sites on this page. There will be a smaller or larger odds difference between matches by the World Boxing Council or the IBF/WBA, so you should get the best possible value in return for your bets.

    Instead of using any tools which might promote one bookmaker or another, it's best to check each website yourself. Take some major boxing bet events, such as IBF heavyweight bouts or the Olympic Games and compare the odds on a few of these markets. This will give you an idea of what to expect in regards to the odds. Choose a bookie with the best possible features and the best odds too, and you'll have fun betting while (hopefully) earning valuable returns.

    How Do Odds Compare Between Different Betting Sites?

    Boxing odds at different betting sites differ in terms of matches and the organisation behind them. For example, Olympic Games events will have different odds than heavyweight title bouts organised by the WBC, WBA or WBC. Unless we're talking about minimum odds evs (even money), the odds for favourites across different markets will differ greatly from one boxing betting site to another.The best way to compare boxing odds across different websites is to visit each one and see for yourself. You can also use boxing betting apps so you can see the odds that stand out from the crowd. There are no free boxing bets, so your real money bet will determine the outcome. 

    Boxing Betting Sites Online with Highest Odds

    You should always seek to join the bet on boxing sites with the highest odds. Our recommendation is to check and note down the pre-match market and live betting odds before making a decision. You'll see a disparity between them too, and the odds change all the time depending on numerous factors. Those include injuries and each boxer's recent form. We'll explore these factors in the paragraphs below so you can get an overview of what influences boxing event odds. You'll spot the biggest boxing odds differences in pre-match markets, as they're static. Major bookies will always have better odds than new boxing betting sites. Most boxing bettors will flock to major betting sites, although sometimes a new boxing betting site may have surprising features that can draw your attention to it.

    Betting Sites Online with Highest Odds Licence



    Crown Play






    Factors Influencing Odds at the Best Boxing Betting Sites

    There are plenty of factors that influence the odds of boxing bouts. Believe it or not, they go down to each boxer's fighting style aside from their recent form. The scoring criteria and judges play a role in it as well as do the rules which might be different for each bout. Let's take a look at the major factors which greatly influence pre-match and live boxing betting odds as well.

    Boxing Style
    Recent Form
    Rules and Violations
    Match Duration
    Scoring Criteria

    You might not have guessed it, but each boxer's style has an impact on the odds of a match. For example, a boxer with an aggressive fighting style who likes to finish early has an impact on round betting. In this case, the favoured boxer might have shorter odds in earlier rounds and longer in the later rounds. If you're into round or group round boxing betting, check this factor before you place your bets.

    Boxers don't have matches week in and week out. It might be months or even years before one gets in the ring, and this has a heavy impact on the odds. A boxer who won a match recently will be favoured before a boxer who hasn't crossed fists for years. No matter how in-shape a boxer's been, such a major gap in their resume will likely reduce their odds. This isn't always the case - major boxing stars can stay in shape for years and will be favoured by name over younger boxing stars.

    Not all boxing bouts play out under the same rules. There might be different scoring criteria and permissible techniques for exhibition and professional matches. These rules and their violations are carefully considered by bookmakers when they determine the odds for a fight. It's just another cog in the wheel that determines the boxing odds and will have a major impact on regular and boxing prop bets. Always check out the rules before you decide to place qualifying bets on a fight to understand why the odds are lower or higher than expected.

    Most pro boxing bouts last for 12 rounds. However, depending on the match, they can last for 5, 10, or whatever the promotion sets. This has a heavy impact on the match odds, especially for prop bets and round betting. In this case, you have much less wiggle room to place a qualifying real money bet. This is especially true if one or both boxers are aggressive and tend to finish early.

    The scoring criteria is one of the rules that can heavily impact boxing markets. This is one factor you should always check before placing your bets. Online bookmakers look into this before determining the odds. You'll find it as an important factor in many boxing betting tips too, with experts ranking it highly among the most important factors that influence odds when you bet on boxing.

    Live Betting on Boxing

    Live betting on boxing is much more exciting than betting on pre-match odds. Don't get us wrong - boxing bettors love to pick the winner. This is a bet that's been around since the dawn of time, but live betting beats it by a mile. Of course, you'll need to be ready to bet instantly at a boxing betting site since it's taking place in real time.

    Most top-rated boxing betting sites offer in play betting. It's crucial for boxing bookmakers to have this platform as bettors prefer live bets to pre-match betting. Fights may not always go as predicted, and this is where live betting comes in. Most of the markets aren't tied directly to the result, so you can consider them prop bets on which you can earn quickly.

    You don't need to be an expert to bet on a live boxing match. However, you'll first need to join a betting site before you place a bet on a live boxing match. Some live betting platforms may offer live streaming, allowing you to watch the bout on your devices. While this technology is expensive for operators and rarely offered, the best boxing betting sites will have it. Thanks to live streaming, you can stay on top of the match and make more accurate predictions.

    Even if there's no live streaming, bookies have advanced real-time stats pages that are promptly updated. These pages record every blow and are almost as accurate as watching the match in real time. You can use either feature to make precise predictions on many live boxing markets. As for the markets themselves, they're more unique than pre-match odds. For example, you can bet on who lands the next blow or uppercut and similar bets that only exist on live betting platforms.

    Boxing Betting sites with Live Betting Feature

    Top-rated boxing bookmakers will have a live betting platform. It's one of those things that completes a betting site, so it would be strange to see one without live betting. There will be differences between the type of markets on offer, special in play betting features such as live streaming, and the odds too. Some bookies might have live boxing betting limitations, which might impact your boxing bet. This is why it's important to compare live betting sites and find one that suits your wants and needs.

    We've listed the top boxing betting sites with live betting feature. Choose one to join and enjoy all the perks of its live betting platform.

    Top Live Boxing Betting Sites Features

    BC. Game

    Variety of markets


    Wide range of betting options


    Great welcome offer

    Popular Payment Methods for Betting on Boxing

    Boxing bettors have numerous payment methods to choose from. The best boxing betting sites accept numerous trusted payment methods you can use to make a single bet or a qualifying acca bet. Gone are the days when online bookies only accepted bank transfers and cards. Those are still among the most popular options for deposits and withdrawals, but new and more advanced options have emerged as well.

    You can use cards, e-wallets, prepaid vouchers, and even cryptocurrencies to make a deposit, withdrawal, or cover a free bet stake at the top online bookies with boxing. Each one has its pros and cons, and we'll cover them briefly in the paragraphs below.

    • Debit cards: Debit cards are the most popular type of payment method to use at boxing betting sites. Visa is the favourite of many bettors since it's convenient to use for online payments. You can use it to make safe, fast, and fee-free deposits and withdrawals at the majority of sports betting sites. They're almost as secure as bank transfers, yet have faster processing times.
    • Bank transfer: Bank transfers remain the most secure option you can use at online betting sites. While high rollers like them for their high limits, bank transfers are not ideal due to the slow processing times. Banks are notoriously stingy about security, and those checks take time, especially for withdrawals. Additionally, not all banks allow gambling transfers, which is why this option is rarely used by most bettors.
    • E-wallets: E-wallets are a very popular option among boxer bettors. They are safe to use and don't necessarily need to be linked to your bank account. You can fund them with cards or with another e-wallet or you can link one to your bank account. They're much more flexible than other options, which is why they're so popular right now. The only problem is that some might not be eligible for bonus bets.
    • Prepaid vouchers: Prepaid vouchers are a relatively new payment option at boxing betting sites. They can only be used for deposits and are great for beginners as they offer limited funding. They're also fully anonymous. The cards you can buy digitally or in stores have a PIN code you redeem at the site to add funds to your account.
    • Mobile payments: Mobile payments are quickly emerging as boxing bet fan-favourites. Similar to prepaid vouchers, they are a one-way street only - you can't use them for withdrawals. They're ideal for new bettors who don't want to spend a lot of money initially, as the limit is low and set by the mobile provider. Also, you get to bet now and pay for it later, which is extremely convenient. The money you spend on horse racing, multiple bets or boxing matches will be added to your next monthly phone bill.

    Boxing Betting Sites with Best Payment Options

    The top-rated boxing betting sites on this page have a variety of payment methods you can use. Many of them have a full palette of options including debit cards, bank transfers, and mobile payment options too. We've compared the top few in terms of processing speeds, payment method, and transaction limits for your convenience below.

    Boxing Bookmaker Payment Method Processing Time Security Measures Deposit limits


    Deposits: Instant, Withdrawals: Up to 5 Business Days

    3D Secure, fraud monitoring, SSL encryption

    €10 and €5,000 for regular players


    E-wallet, fiat money, crypto payments

    Deposits: Instant, Withdrawals: 0-48 hours

    SSL encryption, 2-step verification, anti-fraud measures

    Depends on the payment method


    Crypto Payments

    Deposits: Instant, Withdrawals: Instant

    Decentralised network, Blockchain encryption

    €10 to €5,000

    Boxing Betting Bonuses and Promotions

    Why place boxing bets with your own money when you can do it with a bonus? There are plenty of available bonuses and promotions at top boxing bookies. Some are aimed at specific boxing events, others are available for all. From welcome bonus offers to free bets and acca rewards, these are the most popular bonuses and promotions you'll find at the best boxing betting site.

    • Welcome Bonus: All boxing bookmakers have one or another kind of welcome offer on sign-up. It's usually a 100% first deposit bonus that doubles your initial deposit or a free bet. These bonus bets come with a set of terms and conditions attached to them, so you should give the bonus T&Cs a read before you start using them. When it comes to free bets, you will also need to place a qualifying bet on a specific market before the free bet is applied.
    • Free Bets: Free bets are the most popular type of bonus at boxing betting sites. They usually have looser terms compared to deposit bonuses. You'll receive bet credits instead of a real money bonus that you can spend under certain conditions. Make sure to check the free bet validity period and see which qualifying bets you need to make in order to claim it.
    • Enhanced Odds/Special Offers: Boxing bookies will regularly hand out special offers or enhanced odds on the biggest events. When claiming these offers, it's important to read the terms. If you place a bet with enhanced odds, you will benefit from higher odds in comparison with the original ones.
    • Acca Rewards: Some online sports betting sites run such promotions, which greatly boost the acca odds, allowing you to win higher amounts of money if you get all the results right.

    Boxing Betting Apps

    Most bettors nowadays prefer to bet on the go rather than bet from their home. Boxing betting apps are very common, with almost each site offering one. Even if there are no boxing betting apps, you can still bet on the go from your favourite mobile browser. If your preferred bookmaker doesn't have an app, you can enter the website address in your mobile browser and bet on boxing fights at any time.

    There are almost no special requirements to use mobile versions of a boxing sports betting site. The only thing you need is an active Internet connection. When it comes to boxing betting apps, you might need to check the specs, as they only work on smartphones with a specific OS iteration (and over).

    Our Review Process for Boxing Online Betting Sites

    Our team here at Bambet takes a lot of factors into consideration when reviewing the best boxing betting sites. The licence is the most important factor, but there are also others which we believe make for an unparalleled experience.


    Safety and Reputation

    Our reviews start with a detailed inspection of the bookie's reputation, licence, and security measures. Only the bookies that pass these tests with flying colours will make the cut on our pages.


    Boxing Matches Coverage

    We also evaluate the variety of boxing events and the markets on offer. The review includes an in-depth look at the boxing events on offer from the world's top promotions and governing bodies, including the Olympics, WBF/WBA/WBC fights, and any other niche competitions and tournaments.


    Odds and Limits

    The review also includes a comprehensive check on the odds and any limitations. With special odds tracking data, we compare the odds on all boxing fights and events, as well as the flexibility in betting for both casual punters and sports betting pros.


    Banking and Support

    During our review process of the best boxing betting sites, we check for the variety of payment methods on offer, the limits, fees, and transaction times. We also test the available customer support channels, ensuring that they offer precise and quick answers.

    Important Factors to Consider Before Joining a Boxing Betting Site

    When joining a boxing betting site, it's important to consider a few crucial factors for a proper betting experience. We'd suggest referring to our review process to check what they are. It all starts with the licence, which is a crucial factor in determining which bookie you should join. We suggest checking out licenced providers, preferably those with a valid UK Gambling Commission licence.

    Other important factors include the security measures, nowadays SSL encryption is a must. It guarantees the safe passage of all the data you enter on the website.

    It goes without saying that you also need to check the odds and the variety of betting markets. The best boxing betting sites will have competitive odds and an unmatched market variety for you to explore.

    The list of payment methods is also important. Make sure to check what each bookie accepts and which currency it accepts as well. Take note of the transaction speeds and check if the bookmaker charges any fees.

    Pros and Cons of Boxing Betting Sites

    Sites dedicated to boxing betting offer unique perks but also come with their own limitations. Knowing these can help you decide if betting on boxing is right for you.



    • Excellent opportunities to bet on a variety of boxing markets
    • Great range of betting offers and free bets
    • Variety of payment methods to choose from
    • Straightforward user experience
    • Mobile apps for on-the-go boxing betting


    • The number of markets may be underwhelming
    • Risk of losing money without responsible gambling tools
    • Some bonus wagering requirements might be too high

    How to Bet at Boxing Betting Sites?

    Betting at boxing sites is very easy. Most top-rated boxing bookies have a simple user interface that's easy to follow. If you're new to boxing betting online, here are a few tips to get started.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 05:00
    • Tools Needed: PC or Mobile Phone
    • Supplies Needed: Time
    Choose a Trusted Boxing Betting Site Step 1

    Choose a Trusted Boxing Betting Site

    It all starts by choosing the right website. Make sure you choose a licenced and safe bookmaker. If you want the best possible experience, choose from our licensed boxing betting sites.

    Register an Account Step 2

    Register an Account

    The next step involves signing up. Create a new account at your boxing bookmaker of choice. Fill out the registration form and confirm via the email registration link.

    Study the Markets and Check the Odds Step 3

    Study the Markets and Check the Odds

    Always analyse the markets and odds before you start betting. Make sure your favourite markets are there and ensure that the odds are competitive compared to other sites.

    Start Betting Step 4

    Start Betting

    If everything is to your liking, you can start betting on boxing. Make a deposit to fund your account, check the markets, and enjoy.

    Best Boxing Betting Sites by Category

    Category Betting Site

    Best Boxing Betting Site with Great Bonuses


    Best Boxing Betting Site for Free Bets


    Boxing Betting Site with Fastest Payments



    Boxing betting is a great way to try something new that's not football or eSports. It offers unique betting markets besides choosing the boxer to win. The best boxing betting sites will also have a variety of bonus bets to pick from, as well as unique features such as in-play betting and live streaming.

    Our guide to boxing betting sites covers everything you need to know about the subject. All that remains is to choose a trusted boxing bookie and enjoy the variety of markets and free bets on offer.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Online Boxing Betting Legal?

    As long as the bookmaker you choose is legal, you can bet legally on the top boxing fights. Always choose licenced and reputable bookmakers and you won't need to look over your shoulder.

    How Do I Claim a Free Bet on Boxing?

    That depends on the type of free bet on offer. Welcome free bets are very common and require you to sign up, make a deposit, and place a qualifying bet on a selected market before receiving the free bet credits.

    What's the Average Withdrawal Time at the Best Boxing Betting Sites?

    It depends on the bookie, but the best among them aim for instant withdrawal times. The average processing time is also affected by your chosen payment method. For example, debit cards and e-wallets are much faster than bank transfers.
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