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Responsible Gambling

Bambet is dedicated to providing users with a fun and enjoyable experience while they are reading our online gambling guides, sports betting guides, tutorials, reviews and other wagering-related content. We are also aware that there are potential risks for a small minority of individuals. Therefore, we take decisive steps towards implementing measures that ensure that all our readers enjoy a safe and healthy environment.

As exciting as online gambling is, it comes with challenges that may be hard to navigate for some. These may lead to issues like problem gambling and may also come with social and psychological ramifications. Bambet’s Responsible Gambling page addresses these concerns by providing guidance on how to recognize gambling addiction signs early and offering avenues for recovery.

Anyone can be affected by gambling addiction, but there are established responsible gambling methods through which the issue can be effectively addressed if users are patient and determined to tackle the problem.

Our website is intended solely for entertainment purposes and the content we provide shouldn’t be interpreted as financial advice. We advise you to follow the steps listed below if you or someone you know is battling gambling addiction.

Table of Contents

    Recognizing Problematic Gambling Behaviors

    You can accurately identify problem gambling signs and symptoms if you honestly answer the questions below. Doing that will allow you to identify the reasons for your addiction and understand how to address them.

    • Do you prioritize gambling over personal, professional, and social obligations?
    • Do you feel compelled to recoup the money you lost?
    • Do you constantly think about gambling-related matters?
    • Is gambling during unusual hours something that you often do?
    • Have you neglected aspects of your life that you consider important because of gambling?
    • Have you resorted to stealing or pawning household possessions to perpetuate your gambling activity?
    • Have you hidden and purposefully skewed the truth and facts about your gambling activities?
    • Do you spend more than you can afford to lose when gambling?
    • Do you feel the urge to gamble at unusual hours?
    • Do you often find yourself gambling despite knowing it is not something you like doing?

    If you provided an affirmative answer to any of the questions listed above, there is a chance that you are displaying symptoms of gambling addiction. It is imperative that you approach these signs with the utmost seriousness and seek professional help to eradicate the problem promptly.
    If you perceive this questionnaire as a shame-inducing attempt, we assure you that is not our intention. The questions we presented are specifically designed to facilitate self-diagnosis and allow you to address the issue early without anxiety or any associated stigma.

    Strategies to Prevent Gambling Addiction

    You can mitigate the risk of developing a gambling addiction through healthy habits. By adhering to the following guidelines and responsible gambling practices, you will be able to minimize the possibility of developing a gambling problem.

    Set Deposit Limits

    Establishing deposit limits helps you control and monitor your gambling expenses. Deposit limits ensure you don’t fund your account with more money than you can afford to lose.

    Manage Your Bankroll

    Achieving a similar effect as deposit limits, prudently managing your bankroll is an effective method to regulate your spending. Set a predetermined budget that you will only use for gambling and adhere to it.

    Take Breaks from Gambling

    If you notice that you have gambled excessively, take a hiatus from gambling. Whether you decide to take a break that’s only a couple of hours long or step away from gambling for a few days or weeks, taking breaks allows you to regain control.

    Self-Exclude from Gambling Sites

    Individuals who think they might be prone to addiction may want to consider enrolling in a self-exclusion program. A self-exclusion scheme is an effective distancing method that will minimize potentially harmful actions.

    Overcoming Gambling Addiction

    It is entirely feasible that a person can overcome gambling addiction with the right approach. Even though societal stigma is often present when it comes to gambling addiction, society and communities actually encourage and support responsible gambling practices.
    If you are struggling with gambling addiction, consider the following steps.

    Join a Support Group

    Support groups provide valuable emotional and psychological backing and encouragement, fostering a sense of belonging among individuals grappling with similar challenges. Even though setbacks can be an issue, the collaborative efforts of the group significantly enhance your recovery journey.

    Seek Professional Help

    Individuals looking to recover from gambling addiction can get in touch with numerous professional help services that offer confidential support. The chance to communicate with professionals anonymously shouldn’t be disregarded, as they will provide you with guidance that has produced results for others before you.

    Become a Sponsor or Mentor

    Taking mentorship responsibilities may provide added motivation to some individuals, as they will be assisting others in their recovery journey. That can give them renewed purpose and determination to shed their own addiction.

    Resources for Gambling Addiction

    If you suspect that you or someone you know is suffering from problem gambling, consider contacting these organizations, as they might be able to provide assistance in the form of resources and support.

    Gamblers Anonymous

    Providing support and offering a wealth of resources to individuals suffering from gambling addiction, Gamblers Anonymous is a UK-based organization which sets up fellowship meetings in England, Wales, and Ulster and offers a meeting finder service. It also gives people access to forums, literature, and other practical assistance.


    A charity that is famous for funding gambler education, research and treatment, GambleAware offers free and confidential support and assistance for recovering addicts. It does this via various communication channels, including phone, live chat and email.

    National Problem Gambling Clinic

    The National Problem Gambling Clinic offers counselling and support, both online and face to face. The organization operates the National Gambling Helpdesk and has a forum where people with gambling problems share their stories.


    GamCare is a charitable company based in England which provides multi-language support through its 24/7 support line and live chat service. Individuals can get GamCare assistance via a WhatsApp chat too. The organization also offers chat rooms and a forum where gambling addicts can speak to people with similar problems.

    Are You Prepared to Confront Gambling Addiction?

    At Bambet, we are committed to promoting responsible gambling and providing support to people struggling with gambling addiction. There is no shame in asking for help and most organizations offering support and treatment don’t charge for their services.
    Therefore, continue enjoying what makes you happy, but don’t forget that these activities should be enjoyed in moderation. Responsible gambling is key to a safe gaming experience that you will enjoy.
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