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Casino Referral Bonus for a Friend

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Share the excitement of online casino gambling with the best casino referral bonus offers. Straightforward and enticing, casino referral bonuses allow you to get bonus cash and free spins when the friend you referred to the casino copies and clicks on the referral link and completes the bonus requirements. Sounds appealing? Why not read more about Refer-a-Friend casino bonuses and learn how they help you get free cash, spins and other incentives?

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List of Best Casino Referral Bonuses

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Table of Contents

    What is a Refer-a-Friend Bonus in an Online Casino?

    A Refer-a-Friend bonus is an online casino bonus that allows existing players to invite new customers usually through a referral link or code they copy and share with the person they invite to join the online casino. If your friend clicks on the link or enters the referral code and proceeds to open an account with the online casino and makes a qualifying deposit, both of you will get bonus money, free spins or other perks stipulated in the promo.

    Most referral bonuses are designed so that existing players invite new gamblers to join a particular casino site. That way, the casino entices existing players to spread the word and help the gambling operator in recruiting new customers. However, there might also be situations in which the casino will have a referral bonus for its mobile casino app. This referral bonus will be activated when the player without a mobile casino app downloads and installs it after being invited by the player who is using the app.

    It is also important to note that in most cases both the existing player sending the referral link and the prospective casino customer joining the casino will get identical bonus incentives. However, it is common for one of them to get better perks too. It will all depend on the type of Refer-a-Friend bonus the casino offers.

    Lastly, claiming a casino referral bonus is usually contingent on the invited player meeting the terms and conditions of the Refer-a-Friend bonus. In addition to opening a new player account and making a qualifying first deposit, that might mean that referred players will often need to play particular casino games, meet wagering requirements and respect time limits to trigger the release of bonus funds.

    Top Online Casinos Offering Referral Bonuses

    Top-quality online casinos reward both their new and existing players. So, the presence of casino referral bonuses is a good litmus test of the quality of the casino. In other words, if an online gambling site has a Refer-a-Friend scheme, that is a great sign, as it tells you the casino is willing to reward both you and your friend for the simple act of inviting and joining the gambling platform.

    However, going through thousands of online casinos and trying to find the ones with the best referral bonuses is next to impossible. Fortunately, you've got us at Bambet to help you. We have reviewed and analyzed the best casinos with the most enticing Refer-a-Friend bonuses so that you don't have to. The only thing you need to do is check out our table of top referral bonus casinos and see which has a referral scheme that works for you.

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    The Benefits of Referring Friends to Online Casinos

    Referring friends to top-quality online casinos comes with a lot of perks. That is particularly true when those quality casinos offer enticing Refer-a-Friend bonuses. Here's how you and your friends can benefit from generous referral programs and bonuses.


    More Funds to Play With

    The reason why most players refer their friends to a casino is the promise of free cash and bonus spins. And that is not surprising. Playing with extra funds and free spins allows you to check out new games, take risks and go for potentially larger winnings.


    Encouraging Loyalty and Trust

    When you recommend a casino to a friend, you also send a message. You are implicitly telling your friend that the casino is reliable and can be trusted. The same is true if someone else is inviting you to join a casino site they think highly of.


    Greater Engagement

    Another perk of casino referral bonuses is that they allow you to engage with a casino on multiple levels. First, you will play more and potentially win more because of the bonus cash. You will also invite more players to join, trigger other bonuses, and take part in various promotions.


    Creating Player Networks

    With more of your friends joining your favourite casino site, you will be able to interact with them using the same platforms. Most top casinos have chat features and social gambling options that make it easy for players to communicate with each other, share ideas, discuss possible bets, and create a sense of community.

    Restrictions and Requirements When Claiming a Casino Referral Bonus

    Refer-a-Friend casino bonus offers are pretty straightforward. However, as with any casino bonus out there, you might face a few restrictions when claiming casino referral promos. Fortunately, if you are aware of these requirements and limitations, you will be able to successfully navigate them and make the most of each Refer-a-Friend casino bonus.

    • Player restrictions and eligibility - Sometimes casinos will forbid you from using referral programs to invite family members or players residing in restricted countries and regions.
    • Referral limit - Casinos may limit the maximum number of referrals per user. That means you might be restricted to just one or two referrals. If that's the case, you won't be able to invite a third friend.
    • Link and code problems - When sharing the link and code from the referral promo, you should be careful to give your friends the correct ones, as only the correct link or code will work and make you and your friend eligible for the bonus.
    • Friend's info - For some Refer-a-Friend casino bonuses, you may need to enter your friend's information. Most often, that will mean typing in just the name and email. However, sometimes, the casino might ask for more information and that might complicate things slightly.

    As you can see, the limitations you might face when activating and sharing Refer-a-Friend promos are minor and, with proper preparation, can be offset entirely. This would allow you to share the excitement of online casinos with people who matter to you and benefit from some bonus incentives too. Pretty cool, right?

    Terms and Conditions to Consider

    To enjoy playing with online casino bonuses, you must know how they work. Reading the small print of the terms and conditions of a bonus is something most players avoid doing. However, if you spend some time doing that, we guarantee you will reap the benefits of those efforts later. These are some of the terms you need to check before sharing a referral link or code:

    • Minimum deposit - For the majority of Refer-a-Friend bonuses, you will need to meet a minimum deposit amount to become eligible for the bonus. Fortunately, that initial deposit amount is usually quite reasonable and won't be a problem for any prospective casino enthusiast.
    • Validity period - Like all other bonuses you will see on the casino Promotions page, referral bonus offers expire after some time. A Refer-a-Friend promo may be valid for a day, week or for as long as 30 days. After that period, it will expire and you won't be able to use it.
    • Maximum bonus amount - Some casinos have a maximum amount you can get when claiming a bonus. This is standard practice, so you shouldn't avoid these bonuses just because they set a maximum bonus limit. Instead, go for referral bonuses that have a higher maximum bonus limit.
    • Wagering requirements - Lastly, don't forget to check the wagering requirements of Refer-a-Friend casino bonuses. Wagering tells you how many times you need to play through your bonus and deposit before you can withdraw your Refer-a-Friend bonus winnings.

    The best Refer-a-Friend casino bonuses are not those that promise the most money or free spins. The best referral promos are the ones that are the easiest to claim and withdraw your winnings from. Checking the terms we mentioned earlier will help you identify those top promos.

    Pros & Cons of Referral Bonuses at Online Casinos

    As with other casino promos, such as free spins and deposit bonuses, Refer-a-Friend promotions allow you to enjoy your gambling experience to the fullest. However, just like other casino bonuses, there are a few inconveniences you need to know about before you claim Refer-a-Friend bonus offers. These are the pros and cons of referral casino promotions.



    • Both the inviter and invitee get bonus incentives
    • Referring a friend is easy and requires minimum effort
    • Some online casinos allow you to invite many friends
    • New customers get additional funds to play with
    • Existing players become more motivated and engaged
    • Refer-a-Friend promotions facilitate increased interaction between players


    • Invited players must meet several bonus conditions
    • Almost all Refer-a-Friend bonuses require a deposit to be made
    • Wagering requirements are sometimes steep
    • Few gambling sites have Refer-a-Friend casino bonus offers
    • Not as enticing as welcome bonuses

    Best Casinos with Referral Bonuses by Category

    Online Betting Site Category


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    Best Welcome Bonus


    Refer-a-Friend bonus offers allow you to share the excitement you feel about playing at a particular online casino. More importantly, though, they are a great way to get some additional bonus money or free spins for your future casino adventures. All you need to do to benefit from casino referral bonuses is to share the referral link or code the casino provides with your friends. As soon as you do, both you and your friend will become eligible for some extra cash. So, join some of the expert-vetted casinos featured on our website and start referring friends in addition to playing exciting games, enjoying loyalty program perks and tons of other bonuses and promos.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Casino Has the Best Refer-a-Friend Bonus?

    To find the casino with the best Refer-a-Friend bonus, you need to check the terms and conditions of each referral bonus you are considering. Pay special attention to the validity period of the bonus, the wagering requirements and the casino games you can use it on.

    How Do I Claim Casino Referral Bonus Offers?

    You will first need to be invited by some of your friends to join their casino. They will send you a referral code or link that you will use during the registration process. Then you will probably need to make a qualifying deposit and meet other bonus terms, such as wagering requirements.

    Do I Get Bonus Money if I Invite Other Players to Join a Casino?

    Yes, but only if you are using a casino referral bonus to send a special invitation to a friend to join that casino. It is really important to understand that for most referral bonuses, your friend will need to meet all the terms of the promo for you to get your bonus cash or free spins.

    Are Welcome Bonus Offers the Same as Casino Referral Bonuses?

    No, they aren't. You get a welcome bonus when you join a casino on your own, while a referral bonus is a promo where a friend invites you to join an online casino. The perks you get might be similar, but your journey to getting the bonus funds will be different.

    What is a Casino Referral Program?

    A casino referral program is a promotional scheme letting existing customers of the online casino refer friends to join the gambling site. In doing so, both the person extending the invitation and the invitee will get bonus cash, free spins or other enticements.
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