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Cricket Betting Sites

Due to the increasing popularity of the bat-and-ball sport, the list of cricket betting sites is constantly on the rise. The best online cricket betting sites allow you to bet on pre-match and live cricket betting markets with numerous bonuses and free bets on offer too. If you're into placing cricket bets online, but don't know where to start, you're at the right place. In this guide to the best cricket betting sites, we'll show you how to choose the best cricket bookmakers and share a few thoughts on cricket betting in general.

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List of Cricket Betting Sites

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18+ | Gamble responsibly  | | T&Cs apply

Table of Contents

    Cricket Betting Markets for Matches

    The list of cricket betting markets at the best betting sites is impressive. If you've never seen a cricket match before, you're in for a surprise. This sport doesn't play like football or any other sports. It's quite a unique market with many options found at the leading cricket bookies. Online bookmakers have more cricket bets than land-based betting shops. The sports betting industry is always coming up with innovative ideas when it comes to fixed and in play betting markets, and cricket represents the perfect option to experiment.

    A good cricket betting site will offer much more than simple match winner or outright cricket betting. You can bet on cricket online on props, periods, wickets, innings, runs, and so much more.

    Match Winner

    This is the most standard of cricket bets you'll find online. It's available ion all cricket matches. Whether you're betting on the Indian Premier League or the ICC World Cup, you can pick the winner of any cricket match. It's simple - deposit funds into your account and choose your favourite by clicking on the respective odds. Your slip will win if your pick wins - otherwise, you lose it.

    Outright Winner

    Here's another one of the most popular cricket markets at the best cricket betting sites. Choosing the outright winner means choosing the team or country that you believe will go all the way in a county championship or international competition. For instance, UK bookmakers released the best odds for this market months before the tournament or league started. This means you can bet on the possible winners much earlier. This particular market is popular before the T20 World Cup or local leagues.

    Innings Runs

    Innings runs betting falls under the totals betting category. Betting on 1st inning runs seems to be one of the most popular cricket betting options. The rules for it are straightforward - you're placing bets on whether the number of first innings runs will go over or under a certain total. Keep an eye on the number of lines and use your knowledge and cricket betting tips to predict the number of innings runs correctly.

    Player Runs

    Just like you can bet on a team's innings runs, you can also bet on player runs. Place your bet credits stake in this market by predicting which batter scores over or under a certain line of runs. This particular market works perfectly in play, with the lines and odds changing with every ball. Of course, the best cricket bookies will update their odds accordingly to reflect the ever-changing stats.

    Wicket Method

    This is one of the most surprising markets you'll find at the best cricket betting sites. It's unlike any other sports by letting you bet on how the next wicket is taken during cricket matches. The most popular options are LBW, bowled or caught. It all depends on who's at the crease and who's bowling. Method of wicket is one of those prop bets you'll find at almost any online cricket betting site with great odds in tow.

    Man of the Match

    This is a special prop bet that stats-loving bettors enjoy. It's not completely unique, as you can bet on the best player on the field in many other sports. Regardless, it's among the most popular cricket betting markets. It often comes with great odds. Predicting the best player on the pitch is not as easy as it sounds and depends a lot on the strategy each team employs. Of course, you can also go with the stars in the ICC Cricket World Cup, which is what most bettors do.

    Win the Toss

    Some cricket bookmakers will allow you to bet on the toss before cricket matches. Before a match starts, the two captains meet in the centre of the pitch and choose one side of the coin. You can bet on who wins the toss in test matches and all others and you'll often find this market with particularly pleasing odds.

    Player Props

    The best cricket betting app will regularly highlight all kinds of props with competitive odds. You can bet on the total runs made by a batsman, the number of wickets a bowler takes, the method of dismissal, and more. You may even find some long-term props, such as choosing a batter that will make the most runs in a tournament or during a series of test matches.

    Comparison of Cricket Betting Odds

    When you bet on cricket online, you have to understand that the odds aren't the same at every cricket bookmaker. Cricket matches odds can differ greatly between betting sites, and depend a lot on the type of match you're betting on. For example, test matches might have much different odds at the best cricket betting site compared to other forms of cricket simply because of the different paces and rules.

    When you place bets on cricket online, you should always compare the odds between sportsbooks. The sport comes with decent odds in various formats, often interchangeable at the best cricket betting sites. But, before you set your sights on one sportsbook, you have to check the odds at other sites and see how they compare to your favourite.

    Shopping for odds is not forbidden and is actually recommended. The best cricket betting site will stand out from the crowd with great odds. Before you create your online betting account, you should compare the odds at different bookmakers and see which one offers the best possible returns.

    How do Cricket Odds Compare Between Different Betting Sites?

    The cricket betting sites listed on this page have different odds depending on the matches and competitions. Bookmakers aim to offer competitive odds so they can 'court' themselves to new and seasoned bettors. Regular prices can be enhanced by boosting cricket odds on certain matches and competitions and in different markets. Odds boosts are not uncommon, although they technically count as promotions and have a variety of terms you need to keep an eye on.

    When you're looking at different cricket betting legal sites, you need to pay attention to the minimum odds. That's the easiest way to spot the difference in odds at sports betting websites. The sports betting market is saturated with many bookies and they're all vying to dominate it. Each site aims to offer the best possible odds on cricket matches across a different range of markets. Some will have lower odds than others, while major online bookmakers usually offer the best prices.

    Cricket Betting Sites with Highest Odds

    When you're choosing online cricket betting sites, it makes sense to choose the ones with the highest possible odds. If you want to compare the cricket betting sites with the highest odds, it's best to check the values for pre-match markets. In play betting has even better odds, but they change all the time depending on what happens on the pitch. Pre-match odds are a bit more static compared to live betting options, so it's easier to compare them between different bookmakers. There are plenty of betting options out there, so you don't need to stick to a single bookmaker if another has better odds.

    When comparing cricket betting odds, it's evident that major bookmakers have better prices than new bookies. This is logical, as they have better legroom and can allow themselves to offer much better prices. Online cricket betting sites can vary wildly in terms of odds and you should always choose the best cricket betting bookmakers where you get the best value bets.

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    Factors that Influence Odds on Betting Sites

    Bookies don't just throw odds around randomly. The odds for all betting markets are carefully considered. There's a whole team behind each bookmaker that works hard to determine the right odds for an event. It's the same for all cricket markets. What bettors need to understand is that the odds are defined by numerous factors which heavily influence the cricket betting odds.

    We'll cover the most important ones below so you can better understand why the odds on a particular market are high or low.

    Team's Form
    Individual Performances
    Weather Conditions
    Injuries, Suspensions, etc.
    Head-to-Head Match Record

    The team's form is one of the most important factors that influence cricket odds. Sports betting sites follow each team's form closely and adjust the odds accordingly. If a team had a string of losses recently, the bad form will influence the odds. In this case, they will be longer. When a team dominates a county championship or any other cricket tournament, its odds will be shorter as it's considered the favourite.

    The team's form is very important when a bookie forms odds for an event, but so are individual performances. Bookmakers never overlook important details and player performances influence the odds too. This is one of the key factors in determining the odds and are mindful of the team's overall strength. Teams with in-form players will always be favourites and will consequently have lower odds.

    The weather conditions have a lot of influence on the cricket pitch. Matches will be suspended in case of rain, although not during a drizzle. If the weather's bad during an important T20 World Cup match or an IPL derby, you can bet that the odds will be affected. When it's clear, the odds will be in full strength at the best online cricket betting sites.

    If a team is missing a star player due to injury or suspension, the odds will be adjusted. This heavily impacts favourites in cricket matches, but can affect any team or international side. For example, if England misses an important player in The Ashes, its odds in this important series will take a heavy hit.

    This particular factor influences odds, especially when it comes to big cricket derbies. Known as H2H in the sports betting community, it shows the track record between two teams. The one that has an edge in the last 5 or more games might have slightly better odds if they're not affected by the weather, the team's bad form, or any other of the factors on this list.

    Cricket Live Betting

    The majority of top-rated cricket online bookmakers offer in-play betting. Live betting platforms are getting increasingly popular among bettors, especially thanks to the unique cricket markets. In-play betting aims to replace the traditional way of betting on the sport and constantly evolves to give bettors a more exciting and rewarding experience.

    Live cricket betting allows you to bet on matches which are already in play. So, for example, when England plays Australia in The Ashes, you can bet on a match that's already in progress. This is much more exciting than betting on pre-match markets. The competitive odds make live betting even more popular, although we must say that the odds change depending on what happens on the field. This means that you have to be ready, so it's best to deposit money and have your account funded before you begin.

    To top it off, the best cricket betting sites usually offer early cash out. As the name suggests, this option allows you to cash out earlier if things aren't going your way. This early cash out feature is a great way to protect your bets. Of course, you won't be able to cash out the bet in its entirety, but you'll at least claim something in return.

    Cricket Betting Sites with Live Betting

    All the best cricket betting sites have a live betting platform. Of course, there are differences in the odds, market variety, and the features each bookie offers. That's to be expected. Some will have live streaming, others won't. Luckily, the top cricket bookies come with detailed match and stats trackers as well as early cash out.

    If you're looking for the top in play betting platforms for cricket, here are the best picks in our experience.

    Top Live Cricket Betting Sites Features

    Cash out


    Live streaming, cash out


    Match tracker


    Match tracker, cash out

    Crown Play

    Live streaming, early cash out

    Popular Payment Methods for Cricket Betting

    To start betting on cricket, you'll have to deposit money into your account. The funds will then be converted to bet credits, which you can use to bet on the top matches. The top cricket betting apps and sites accept a variety of trusted payment methods. The most popular among bettors include debit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid vouchers. Some of these payment options are available for both deposits and withdrawals. Most are available for a cricket betting bonus, although some might not make the cut for free cricket bets.

    You should carefully choose a payment method before you start betting on cricket online. In the following paragraphs, we'll cover the most popular options for cricket bettors.

    • Cards: Debit cards are the most popular option at the top cricket bookmakers. You'll find Visa and Mastercard available at almost any cricket betting site. This makes things much easier for cricket bettors, as they don't need to enter details for a couple of options - one for deposits and the other for withdrawals. Additionally, debit cards are never excluded from free bets eligibility.
    • E-wallets: E-wallets are incredibly popular among young and tech-savvy bettors. They can be found at almost any cricket betting site. Options such as NETELLEReteller, Skrill, and PayPal are easy to use and can be funded in many ways. You don't necessarily need a bank account for these options like you might need with Visa. Deposits and withdrawals with e-wallets are instant, fee-free, and 100% safe. The only problem with them is that some might not qualify for a free bet. To translate, you won't be able to make a deposit or a qualifying bet with Skrill or Neteller in order to claim a free bet offer.
    • Prepaid vouchers: Prepaid vouchers are quickly becoming a fan-favourite at cricket online betting sites. While they can only be used for deposits, they offer anonymous funding with no fees. You can use them for free bets too. Buying these cards is simple and can be done in-person at retail stores or digitally online. Options such as Paysafecard come in amounts up to £100, but you can easily deposit more by simply buying more cards. Redeem the code when prompted and you'll get your funds ready in a second. Keep in mind that if you choose this option, you will need to choose an alternative for withdrawals.

    Cricket Betting Sites with Best Payment Options

    The top cricket betting bookies accept all kinds of payment methods that are convenient to use. We've listed the top brands below and will briefly cover their most important payment characteristics.

    Cricket Bookmaker Payment Method Processing Time Security Measures Deposit limits


    Deposits: Instant, Withdrawals: Up to 5 Business Days

    3D Secure, fraud monitoring, SSL encryption

    €10 and €5,000 for regular players



    Deposits: Instant, Withdrawals: Same Day

    Anti-fraud tools, SSL encryption, 2-step verification

    €10 and € 5,000 for regular players


    Crypto Payments

    Deposits: Instant, Withdrawals: Instant

    Decentralised network, Blockchain encryption

    €10 to €5,000

    Cricket Betting Bonuses and Promotions

    The top cricket betting sites are jam-packed with bonuses and promotions. Most will start with a cool welcome offer, which might either be a deposit match bonus or a free bet. Technically, we can also count odds boosts and special offers as cricket betting promotions. The best cricket betting apps have all these offers and then some, so you can use them on your favourite betting options and maximisze your winnings.

    • Deposit Bonuses: The most common bonus you'll come across at cricket bookmakers online are deposit bonuses. As the name suggests, they are tied directly to deposits. In short, you'll need to make a deposit in order to qualify for the bonus offer. Welcome packages are the most common type of deposit bonus at online bookies. For example, you may often come across a 100% first deposit bonus that which doubles your initial deposit.
    • No Deposit Bonuses: In the case of no deposit bonuses, you don't need to make a deposit. Because of that, they're usually smaller. This isn't free money - just like deposit bonuses and free bet offers, you must take a look at the terms and complete the wagering to claim your winnings.
    • Free Bets: Free bets are another common type of bonus available at the best cricket betting bookmakers. They aren't free as the name might suggest. You still need to complete wagering in order to claim your winnings from each free bet.
    • Special Offers: Some bookies may offer specific bonuses or promotions on selected events. These fall under the category of special offers. They have terms just like any bonus - it's quite rare to find a special offer that's wager-free.
    • Loyalty Rewards: If you deposit and bet regularly at top cricket betting sites, you might be invited into the loyalty club. VIPs get a number of perks and custom-tailored promotions, which can make your experience all the more exciting.

    Cricket Betting Apps

    Most bettors nowadays prefer to bet on their mobile phones. This is no surprise as we do everything on our phones these days. Online bookmakers either have a cricket betting app you can install on your phone or at least a mobile version of the website which you can access via a browser. They share the same functionality as the desktop website with all markets on offer and possibly special free bets for mobile bettors.

    Our Review Process for Cricket Betting Sites

    The team here at Bambet strives to provide honest reviews of all cricket bookies. We take numerous factors into consideration during our review process. It starts by checking the licencse and security factors, as well as a detailed overview of the markets, bonuses, free bets, and promotions. We also pay attention to the design and ease of use of the website, which can make or break the experience. By taking a look at what we look at in detail in a few steps, you will better understand why you should choose the betting sites we recommend to you with peace of mind.


    Regulation and Reliability

    Our first step before presenting a betting site for your recommendation begins with an assessment of the site's licence, adherence to regulations and reputation in the industry. Platforms with a proven track record of integrity and robust security measures are considered. Even if it is a new betting site, licence information is always checked.


    Cricket Market Coverage

    We comprehensively analyse the breadth and depth of cricket events and markets on offer. This includes major tournaments such as the ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL, as well as coverage of regional and domestic leagues. We also assess the availability of niche competitions and betting options, such as player performances and team strategies.


    Odds Quality and Betting Limits

    Using data from odds tracking sources, we compare the site's cricket odds with other leading betting platforms. We also analyse the flexibility of betting limits to accommodate both casual bettors and high rollers.


    Banking Options and Customer Support

    We assess the reliability of the banking methods offered, including deposit and withdrawal options, associated fees, transaction limits and processing speeds. Furthermore, the responsiveness and effectiveness of customer support services, including live chat, are rigorously tested to ensure a smooth betting experience.

    Important Factors to Consider Before Joining a Cricket Betting Site

    We've already covered the most important factors in our reviews, and they mirror the factors you need to pay attention to before you join a cricket betting site. You should ensure it's a licencsed operator to start with, then proceed to take a look at the security measures (SSL encryption at least), the market and bonus variety, and any special features. If a bookie doesn't have a feature you like, there is no need to make a compromise - there are plenty of sites to pick from.

    Pros and Cons of Cricket Betting Sites

    Cricket, while popular for betting, remains a niche market compared to mainstream sports. Specialised cricket betting sites cater specifically to cricket fans and punters, offering unique advantages as well as some limitations compared to broader sportsbooks. Knowing these pros and cons will perhaps help you decide to bet on a sport that interests you.



    • Great variety of cricket markets to bet on
    • The best sites will have competitive cricket odds
    • An endless amount of free bets and bonuses
    • Potential to earn money from your cricket knowledge


    • Some bonus wagering requirements might be too high
    • Not all bookmakers pay special attention to cricket
    • Risk of losing money if not approached responsibly

    How to Bet at Cricket Betting Sites?

    Betting at an online cricket bookmaker is very easy. The process involves you signing up first and making a deposit before you start betting. Once you're logged in, the process is as simple as clicking on the odds you like. The system will add them all to the bet slip automatically (usually on the right side), so you don't need any extra steps.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 05:00
    • Tools Needed: PC or Mobile Phone
    • Supplies Needed: Time
    Choose a Reputable Cricket Betting Site Step 1

    Choose a Reputable Cricket Betting Site

    Review our recommendations for top cricket betting sites. Look for licenced platforms with secure transactions and competitive cricket odds.

    Open an Account and Deposit Funds Step 2

    Open an Account and Deposit Funds

    Register by providing your personal and payment details. Deposit funds using accepted banking methods such as credit cards or e-wallets to start betting.

    Explore Markets and Odds Step 3

    Explore Markets and Odds

    Study available markets like match winners, innings runs, player performance, and more. Analyse team performance, player stats, and recent form to make informed bets.

    Place Your Bets Step 4

    Place Your Bets

    Once you've chosen your bets, enter your stake and confirm your selections. Follow the match live and collect your winnings if your predictions are correct.

    Best Betting Sites by Category

    Category Betting Site

    Best for Cricket


    Best for Free Bets


    Fastest Payments


    Betting on cricket online has never been easier, and you'll find the top cricket bookmakers right here on this page. They're all licencsed and legit, and offer everything you'd ever look for at a cricket betting site. You can bet on all the major events, including World Cups and the Indian Premier League and earn more than one free bet offer that can give your bankroll a decent boost.

    Our guide covered everything you need to know about the top-rated cricket bookies at Bambet. Join one right now and have fun betting on the top cricket events.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Cricket Betting Legal?

    As long as you're betting at a legal site, you can rest assured you won't do anything wrong. Check to see if online betting is legal in your country before joining a cricket betting site.

    What's the Best Cricket Betting Site?

    That depends entirely on you. You should check several websites before you can make a decision. Not all betting sites are the same, so you should choose one that fits your needs the best.

    Can I Claim a Welcome Bonus at Cricket Bookies Online?

    Yes, you can. The best cricket betting sites will have a first-match deposit bonus or free bets to start with. Check the terms of the offer before you decide to place a qualifying bet and claim it.
    100% up to $100 + 100 FS
    Welcome Bonus
    Play Now